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“In a mature Market Economy, the ability to deliver a differentiated and satisfying Customer Service experiences (involve both products and Services) can lead to boost in loyalty, market share and revenues. Imagine what a similar focus to teach and coach employees how to communicate and position the “Right Value” instead of dwelling on too much on technical features or pricing. Leading companies are already applying this unique Feature, Benefit and Value (FBV) concept and method of quantifying value so that Product and Service experience can be differentiated to create a distinct competitive advantage. Now ask yourself these questions:-

· Do you want to create new opportunities for your products / services?
· Do you wish to differentiate your product/ services from your competitors and able to sell it at a premium?
· Do you have difficulty articulating the value of your product/services to your customers?

If your answer is “YES” to the above questions, this Preview will open up new horizon to your business.

Join us for this special 1-Hour session to hear from Steven Loo, a Business Strategist and Organization Value Creator. He will put in simple terms and share success case studies how one can start applying FBV method and develop the Sales & Value Creation techniques to boost your product and Services. This will helps create a differentiated value in your company Sales, Marketing and Corporate brand messaging which in turn can help transform your company’s products and Services so as to harness the business results your organization truly deserves!


This Special Preview is for all entrepreneurs, business owners, Sales account managers, Business managers, Services Sales managers, Pre-sales support managers, Marketing Managers and Product managers who want to:-
i. Differentiate your product/ services from your competitors and sell it at a premium
ii. Develop best way to articulate the value of your product/services to your customers
iii. Create new growth and business opportunities for your products / Services




Steven Loo is an International Speaker, a Business Strategist and an Organisation Value Creator. He has more than 25 years of rich Corporate MNC experience as a Country Manager, Regional Business Leader and Sales Management Professional in major MNCs. Over the last 10 years, he has engaged and serviced major clients to create Business Value and Organisation transformation. He has also trained and facilitated workshops to thousands of Senior Leaders, PMET Professionals, Project Managers, and Operations team in the area of Leadership & People Management, Service Excellence, Innovation, Design Thinking, Negotiation, Value Selling, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Business Planning, and creating a culture of High Performance team.

He is a Professional Member of Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) and a Certified ACTA Trainer. He is also a regular Pro Bono Speaker to various organisations – MNCs, NGOs, IHLs and others.

Some of the clients that have benefitted from his training delivery and facilitation include major Banks & Insurance companies, IT MNCs and International Logistic companies.


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