SelfCYBERTM Cyber Solutions Expert Program

Arm yourself by protecting the 20% that’s providing the 80% opportunity!

‘’Only when you apply your best thinking and resources to the cybersecurity challenge will you be able to sleep at night’’
-Matt Fourie – KEPNERandFOURIE

The power of INTERNAL SPECIALISTS continually addressing pro-active and reactive cybersecurity issues

Nobody wants security breaches and the only way you will be able to keep the threat actors out will be your level of attention given to this challenge. In more than 80% of hacking cases the vulnerability area affected were not even anticipated and was a complete surprise to the internal Risk Team. This situation makes it imperative to have internal teams continually assessing potential threats at all times and continually improving the stability of hardware/software applications. This approach will provide well articulated quality data and the means for having meaningful interdepartmental interactions at the Risk Forum meetings.
Imagine having highly trained and ‘’experienced’’ in-house experts on-staff that could lead the initiative ensuring they meet the threat actors heads-on? We provide an intensive ‘’development program’’ equipping well chosen in-house IT professionals deployed in a very specific way to be the ‘’firewall’’ between threat actors and company critical systems.

Who Should Drive This?

The secret to success is the presence of well trained internal ‘’Security Solutions Experts’’ (SSEs) deployed inside the organization. The following roles are critical:

• Cybersecurity Core Team – A team of strategically chosen staff members to overlook and oversee all efforts to improve internal security practices.

• Master Cyber Solutions Expert (MSCE) – A well trained CHAMPION coached by Thinking Dimensions in a full time position to continually lead Continual Security Improvements.

• Cyber Solutions Practitioners – Additionally trained and developed in-house experts assisting the MCSE on a part time basis to help with facilitating cyber solutions.


The following thinking approaches will be covered:

1.       Threat Assessment
·         Cybersecurity HeatMap – Identify the 20% processes with an 80% breach potential
·         Process Continuity Analysis – Identify all vulnerabilities in any co process
·         Solution Strategy – Determine the most effective Cyber Solutions strategy
2.       Solution Development
·         Breach Mitigation Analysis – Determine likely causes of breaches to generate protection
·         Threat Solution Design – Max4 Solutions – Design solutions to ensure business continuity
·         Human Error Screen – Screening presence if typical human factors causing breaches
3.       Fixing Breaches
·         Breach Incident Analysis – Ability to address breaches quickly and accurately
·         Breach Problem Analysis – Identify both Technical/Root causes enabling permanent fixes
·         Human Error Realignment – Correcting company related issues causing ‘’human error’’


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